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River City Girls (Switch) Review – Not That Dope – Source Gaming

River City Girls (Switch) Review – Not That Dope – Source Gaming

PhantomZ2 barges into River Metropolis with River Metropolis Women onto Nintendo Change! Thanks to WayForward and ArcSystemWorks for sending us a evaluate code!

Should you’ve stored up with lots of my critiques by way of not simply alone channel, but principally by means of Source Gaming – I care much more about type with regards to promoting me on a recreation. The gameplay issues to me as soon as I’ve obtained the sport. Which is why, although I’ve never performed a 2D Beat ’em Up recreation before, I was so occupied with River Metropolis Women. Along with the games’ sense of presentation, additionally it is a joint creation between WayForward and Arc System Works, two builders that create really fun video games. So with because of WayForward and ArcSystemWorks for sending us a evaluation code, let’s barge into River City with River City Women on Nintendo Change.


As quickly as you begin your new file, you’ll be entered straight right into a well-drawn and crowd pleasing comic e-book cutscene featuring our two most important characters: Kyoko and Misako. Whereas basking within the boredom of learning in detention, their punishment is instantly disrupted once they obtain a text message displaying their boyfriends, Kunio and Riki, being shoved into a van. With the loves of their lives kidnapped, Kyoko and Misako head by way of River City to struggle off goons, college students, cops, and some bosses to seek out out where their boyfriends are being stored.

Alongside the best way, you’ll meet numerous NPCs which might be associates with Kyoko and Misako or just individuals they happen to know. These NPCs serve as a strategy to guide you through the story by suggesting where you must go, regardless that their instructions are precisely where it is best to go to beat the game. Sadly these characters aren’t targeted on too heavily, apart from about three of them: Godai – their creepy neighbor that may ask you to finish certain duties for the sake of his satisfaction but will heavily reward you for them. Then there’s Hasebe & Mami, they are the rivals of Kyoko and Misako. Although you never battle them within the recreation, you’ll study that additionally they have an eye fixed for Kunio and Riki.

Outdoors of these three, everybody else that you simply speak to doesn’t have much to contribute when it comes to feeling like a personality. For example, Hiroshi is a character you’ll meet that may recommend making an attempt to go through the mall. Why is he there himself? Because he needed to buy a limited edition comic guide. Is there anything about him? Not likely and that’s the way it feels for each different character on this recreation, together with the bosses and their causes to battle. Whereas I really like the interactions between Kyoko and Misako, the world around them didn’t present enough for me to take pleasure in. This can be because Kyoko and Misako themselves merely care about getting their boyfriends, not likely eager to spend time specializing in anything, however because the player – I’m not given a cause as to why I should even care about Kunio and Riki from the start of the game to the NORMAL finish. I particularly need to state the traditional ending as a result of there are these Sabu levels which are hidden all through the game so that you can destroy. In the event you destroy all of them, you get one thing particular and it’s potential that this could lead to a secret ending. It also won’t, however this is just to also deliver consciousness to that risk.


Now let’s get into the meat and potatoes, River Metropolis Women is a 2D RPG beat-em-up. You’ll stroll and run by means of totally different elements of River Metropolis to battle off enemies whenever you enter any area and grind for cash and EXP as extra enemies spawn in. Although you begin with a small set of strikes, you’ll earn new assaults as you degree up and can buy extra assaults from the dojo. With the cash you earn from pummeling your enemies and finishing missions, you can even purchase gadgets and gear from the varied quantities of shops. On the end of each sector of River City, you’ll face off towards a boss and then head onto the subsequent area that is suspected to be the place Riki and Kunio have been taken. That is all fairly easy from the sound of it, but typically the gameplay can turn into a bit irritating or complicated when it comes to design.

Since I’m new to this style, the controls felt very awkward and had the potential for being dealt with better. To elucidate, here is the controller format: Y is your mild attack AND motion command (speaking, choosing up gadgets, going by means of rooms), X is your heavy attack, A is your particular attack, and B is your bounce. Then we now have R and ZR because the buttons used to defend and L and ZL as the buttons used to recruit the final standing enemy on a stage and to additionally name for his or her help. To sprint, you must double-tap left or right and also you sidestep up and down when double-tapping in these respective directions. These controls can’t be changed at all thus taking away your choice to make enjoying the sport more snug, but in addition frustrating when making an attempt to do something else. For example, because the Y button is the Assault AND Action button, I found myself by accident going into the subsequent room once I solely meant to hit an enemy that was making an attempt to wail on me. Contemplating that enemies will even chase you down and have aerial attacks, trying to run and leap out of the best way might probably additionally result in getting harm anyway. Typically I might also by accident decide up an item that was close by, thus opening myself to being attacked for a short second, once I meant to only hit an enemy. I felt like a better choice would’ve been to make both ZL or ZR a run button and the opposite the particular attack button, and then making the A button only the action button. Nevertheless, I feel I do know why this can be the case, a minimum of for the Change model: single Pleasure-Con play-style. At any time when you’re enjoying, you’ll be able to change add in another player, thus taking away a few of your other buttons in the event you play with the Pleasure-Con sideways.

When it comes to how the sport handles enemy drops and EXP, that also may be very confusing. When first starting the game, it felt like the early areas had the enemies at a power that was equal to the player’s. In fact, as you progress, later enemies might be stronger and will proceed to seem in later areas, however will never seem on a stage that was before their introduction. This is wonderful, however after roaming round to the earlier levels to see if I missed anything, it appeared as if the enemies didn’t scale particularly to the character I used to be enjoying. Earlier than you begin your play session, you’ll be able to choose your problem, if you want to play alone and if you would like friendly hearth on. Then you definitely choose you to play as both Kyoko or Misako. The progress you make when it comes to cash and EXP for one character, together with gadgets and gear, doesn’t switch over to the other character. So once I had Kyoko at round degree 20 and needed to return to degree up Misako, who was at degree 10, it was more durable to grind successfully because enemies have been scaled up based mostly upon the higher degree character. Whereas I ought to already be better at enjoying the game because I already have expertise with one character, the amount of labor I put into helping Kyoko have extra attack options doesn’t translate into how viable enjoying with Misako can be. Though I don’t understand why this occurs, it might be as a result of a second player can be a part of at any time, nevertheless that still doesn’t excuse it once I’m solely enjoying by myself.

Our next lesson comes with the money system. As said prior, whenever you beat enemies and full tasks, you’ll earn cash and rewards. Nevertheless, everytime you die – you lose money, which I feel is a bit an excessive amount of of a punishment. I can perceive dropping money from being defeated in normal levels, I ought to work more durable to take out enemies and make sure I’m defending myself as properly. Nevertheless, I feel the fact that I lost and I’m taken again to the beginning of the world is nearly enough of a punishment. That is also because if you die, any gadgets you used between the last save (by the best way, this recreation is all the time auto-saving and you may’t flip it off) aren’t replenished. So if I’m not getting my gadgets again and one asset to surviving is having gadgets and with the ability to purchase gadgets to replenish my well being, why take away so much of what is meant to assist me survive? This turns into irritating not solely when dropping boss battles because to progress boss battles are required, however when dropping UNAVOIDABLE BATTLES.

At occasions, your progress shall be halted to struggle off a set amount of enemies earlier than you possibly can transfer forward. More often than not, this can be for if you’re first going by means of a new a part of city. The difficulty comes once they’re put in an area of the city that you simply’ve not only explored, but have been solely passing via to backtrack. One specific example that basically ticked me off is in Downtown River Metropolis, the place when getting into by way of the underside a part of the Bus Station area, I was immediately pushed into an unavoidable battle – when not solely my intention was to go buy well being gadgets, but to also attempt to grind up Misako, my decrease leveled character. I misplaced and then thought, “I’ll come again later and go the other method.”, except whenever you die, you spawn at the place you initially entered the world from. So every time I spawned, I used to be pushed IMMEDIATELY INTO THE UNAVOIDABLE BATTLE! So if I continued to lose, I lost extra money! Since I didn’t have any gadgets with me and enemy well being drops are scarce on this recreation, I had to play much more rigorously than regular. This also didn’t assist that because of the presentation of this recreation having a theatrical styled facet ratio, I wasn’t visibly aware of the world’s rooftop above me still being part of my surrounding – thus limiting my leap peak and skill to carry out bounce attacks.

Returning to talking about cash, when going to buy gadgets at a store – you truly can’t see what the impact of the merchandise is until you: buy the item AND use it in the retailer or purchase the item after which examine your bag, which you’ll be able to’t do while within the retailer. This is not the case for gear gadgets, as an alternative, you don’t see the outline of the merchandise until you buy it. Not only does this run the danger of wasting your money, in case you happen to be low on cash, however as soon as you understand what gadgets from a selected retailer supplies the most effective profit when it comes to health, there isn’t a point in buying the opposite gadgets that some other retailer has (until you don’t need to backtrack, which is made simpler because of quick journey points). So what they’ve ought to’ve executed is create more gadgets that have multiple effects to extend variety, because there are just a few gadgets that do have multiple results. A minimum of from what I do know as a result of I’m not buying each item and I can’t see what every item does. Also, why is it that when my health is full and there is a well being pickup on the ground – I can’t decide it up, but when my health is full and I BUY AND USE AN ITEM IN A STORE, I’m not advised that I CAN’T DO THAT? It’s going to nonetheless buy the item and apply it to me as if I wasn’t at full well being.

At this point, I feel I’ve absolutely expressed a whole lot of negativity concerning the gameplay. Sadly, the gameplay also suffers much more because of the River City Women’ presentation.


The presentation was one of the main issues that I used to be anticipating to achieve this recreation. When it comes to basic presentation, it does extraordinarily properly. I really like the character designs, especially of shop owner Reika. The sprite work is completely superb and vibrant, I benefit from the visible feedback from attacking an enemy or grabbing them and constantly punching them. The music, though not utterly memorable, is satisfying when enjoying the game and makes for an honest take heed to whereas walking via New York City. Nevertheless, this recreation does also have visual points that hindered my enjoying expertise.

To start out with something I mentioned earlier, the theatrical fashion facet ratio that the sport was given undoubtedly cuts off what is visible to you in some situations. There have been occasions in boss fights that I didn’t notice an enemy had dropped a well being pickup or that I used to be near the edge of a roof when making an attempt to keep away from an assault by leaping away. Another weird thing is that in River City High, the opacity of the pillars in the foreground are lowered to be able to see behind it, in case if it is advisable to see behind it during a struggle. I discover it unusual that they didn’t also program objects or foreground particulars in other levels, like this fence on the seashore, so you can see what’s all the time happening when you’re enjoying.

One thing that soured my expertise with enjoying was a scarcity of draw distance or shadow overlapping. Most of my time enjoying the sport was filled with situations the place I couldn’t tell if I was shut sufficient to my enemy so my attacks would hit. Seeing the place you’re whereas grounded is straightforward typically, but seeing where you’ll land from a leap hasn’t worked as a lot, particularly for the boss battle on the rooftop. Lastly, enjoying this recreation on a TV hurts my eyes because the font for the pause display could be very small.


My judgment of this recreation could be very combined. I don’t need to hate it and I don’t feel like I hate it both, but the points with this recreation are so plentiful and confusing that it discourages me from eager to proceed enjoying so I can 100% it. Whereas I might love to completely advocate River Metropolis Women, I might say wait till the game is on sale for about $15. I beat the game in about 10 hours or less and with a 71% completion fee. Veterans of the 2D Beat-em-Up genre might take pleasure in this, however I had hassle with absolutely having fun with the game. With that being stated, I’m giving River Metropolis Women a 2.5 out of 5 stars.

Once again, thank you to WayForward and Arc System Works for sending us a evaluation copy of River City Women for Nintendo Change. Right here is the purchase page of the game, along with the Restricted Run Games physical version. I’ve been PhantomZ2 and I’ll see you guys within the next evaluate!


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