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Neku Sakuraba (Guest Article) – Source Gaming

Neku Sakuraba (Guest Article) – Source Gaming

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Sq. Enix is certainly one of Nintendo’s closest third get together companions, having began lots of their flagship collection such as the legendary Dragon Quest, Last Fantasy, and extra lately, Bravely Default on Nintendo techniques. Whereas Square ultimately reached out to Sony for greater titles like Ultimate Fantasy VII, there are still a number of titles which were made solely for Nintendo. None of these unique titles maintain as a lot importance as the 2007 cult basic The World Ends With You. With it just lately being within the highlight again because of heavy advertising from Nintendo for its Change remake, it appears the cards are falling into place for the game’s not-so-silent protagonist Neku to have a spot in the Tremendous Smash Bros. roster.

Who Is Neku?

(Courtesy of Voyager)

Neku Sakuraba is the 15-year-old protagonist of The World Ends With You who finds himself in a lethal contest referred to as the Reapers’ Recreation, together with his reminiscences of every part about himself but his identify wiped. Introverted and antisocial, Neku initially pushes individuals away, however opens up and shortly meets his future pals because the Reapers’ Recreation forces him to take heed to the individuals round him. He’s extraordinarily clever and capable of shortly adapt to the various challenges he faces alongside the best way. His lively imagination provides him a unprecedented and somewhat scary aptitude for ‘Psychs’, the primary technique of attacking in The World Ends With You. To say he learns quite a bit can be an understatement.

Neku makes pals via probably the most unlikely of the way. Assembly his associate Shiki when he encountered his first Noise, the sport’s widespread enemy sort, he was pressured to forge a pact so he might survive. He wasn’t open to her at first, however over time, the 2 grew nearer. Neku meets Beat in the course of the Reapers’ Recreation when making an attempt to finish a mission set for the day. Beat is conceited, loudmouthed and never the perfect in the grammar division, however ultimately even Neku finds there’s extra to the ruffian. Joshua is a mysterious boy who joins Neku’s journey beneath circumstances which are equally mysterious, and for probably the most half, Neku doesn’t trust him. The two ultimately study to work together to beat the game.

Importance to Nintendo/Collection

As the primary protagonist of The World Ends With You and its two remakes, Solo Remix and Ultimate Remix, Neku turned one in every of Square’s flagship characters within the mid-2000s, resulting in him showing in the 3DS recreation Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. 

With many people citing The World Ends With You as not just considered one of Square’s greatest, but in addition among the best RPG’s of all time, TWEWY’s success is sort of exceptional. These accolades have been because of the recreation’s unimaginable story and characters, as well as the intelligent use of the Nintendo DS’s features, something not all the time seen back when the hand-held was related. Neku himself can also be usually nicely praised by many reviewers and recreation lovers alike, together with his character arc being a really robust point of dialogue with TWEWY. Nintendo understands how much individuals adored the original recreation, as they marketed the Change remake particularly strongly when no different third get together recreation received as a lot attention, with Nintendo dedicating 16 tweets detailing many points of TWEWY Last Remix, including characters, preventing type, and so on. Individuals’s phrases aside, the sales converse highly for the game, as shown by the original selling almost 193,000 models by the top of 2007 in Japan alone, making it the second greatest promoting DS recreation in its opening week. Contemplating it was a distinct segment recreation back within the early years of the system, that isn’t dangerous at all.

Colours and Design

Neku is tall and skinny with orange spiky hair and blue eyes. His clothes are a sleeveless grey shirt with indigo and gold highlights and a funnel collar, a yellow sweatband on his left wrist, white saggy shorts and footwear with an analogous aesthetic to his shirt. He keeps an MP3 Player with him and listens to it using his signature indigo headphones. His alternate costumes would reference characters from TWEWY. In order, the colors symbolize Shiki, Beat, Joshua, Megumi, Hanekoma. Reapers and Uzuki.

How Will He Play?

Now, let’s take a look at some stats:

  • Can they crawl: No
  • Can they wall bounce: Sure
  • How many jumps have they got: 2
  • Are there any unique talents they have*: Yes
  • Weight Class: B
  • Peak Class: B
  • Velocity Class: B+
  • Are they mirrored once they face left: No

*Like Peach’s float

Neku’s type of preventing can primarily be whatever the participant chooses in TWEWY, as there are a selection of Pins which activate the psychs Neku can use. With as many potential mixtures as Neku has, his Smash Bros. moveset has plenty of prospects. On prime of quite a lot of Pins and Psyches, Neku also has the very useful potential of calling in his companions to help out with attacks. In TWEWY (DS) this is carried out by controlling Neku with the touch display and a companion with the buttons and prime display. In Solo Remix and Remaining Remix, it’s carried out by way of variations of contact display actions. In Smash, this may stay in his moveset, but be reworked into the Participant Pin, a particular merchandise that, in his house recreation, permits him to listen to the thoughts of other those that aren’t enjoying the Reapers’ Recreation. That is a particularly necessary item in TWEWY that may must be featured in his Smash moveset and tied to Associate attacks. During gameplay, Neku would have the Participant Pin on his HUD together with his mugshot and injury display; it might be white at first, but it might steadily refill over a interval of 1 minute in recreation. When absolutely charged and used, Neku would start to glow blue, and through this time, Neku would have the ability to summon a Companion to assist in his special attacks.

Except for the Player Pin, Neku’s different Pins would even have a restrict on how much you employ them. In Smash, you’re given plenty of freedom with how you need to use a pin, however upon utilizing it, it can begin to run out (as noted by Neku’s HUD) and you will have to wait to reuse them. In TWEWY, some Pins are capable of completely Evolve into stronger variations of themselves. Since Evolutions couldn’t be everlasting in Smash for the sake of stability, they might as an alternative Evolve for a single use after they’ve been charged. The recharge time of the Pins is roughly 10 seconds, most have a 10 use limit, and Evolution would take 30 seconds with out using a sure transfer to happen. When Advanced, the attack would mechanically be the stronger version of the move when used, like with Cloud’s Limit Break. The Evolution perform wouldn’t apply to Smash assaults, Associate attacks, Tilt attacks, Throws, or Pummels.

On this mockup, Neku’s HUD has his Participant Pin all the time shown. As said earlier than, it starts grayed out, but positive factors its shade when it’s ready to be used. Beneath the portrait display is the Pin he’s presently using, and like the Participant Pin, it can develop into grayed out when it needs to recharge. Neku’s portrait would have somewhat spark seem briefly when a pin is recharged. 

Boxing Ring Title: “The Psyche Whiz”

Collection Icon Inventory Icon

(Courtesy of Voyager)

Kirby Hat
Move Sort Description
Entrance Animation:

Neku would seem in a beam of blue mild and say, “Watch yourself!” 


Neku would hover above the bottom, holding his proper hand up as it was coated in a fiery aura. As a visual impact, the aura would change shade when he used totally different Psyches.

Idle Animation #1:

Neku would hold a hand as much as his headphones as he tapped his foot to the music he was listening to.

Idle Animation #2:

In a nod to Shiki, Neku would grab his cellular out and begin taking a look at its display.

Strolling: Neku would stroll together with his arms to his aspect and take his steps in an virtually careless manner.

Neku would dash and swing his arms forwards and backwards with a determined look on his face.


Neku would transfer in and hit the opponent with a flurry of five slashes, all dealing slight knockback.

Ahead Tilt: Neku would thrust ahead with a spear of power.
Up Tilt:

Neku would wave his left hand upwards as an icy spear shot upwards in entrance of him, the attack would have 10 uses. At larger percentages it will be capable of freeze opponents.

Down Tilt: Neku would dash ahead a brief distance while dragging a spear made of sunshine along the ground. If Neku hit an opponent’s defend, he would immediately bounce off it.
Dash Attack: Velocity Assault

Neku would sprint ahead at a lighting fast tempo and crash into any opponent in his approach, launching them upward, and if used within the air it will have the ability to spike opponents. This assault would have 5 makes use of.

Forward Smash: Shock Wave

Neku would point forwards as a blade of power swept out in entrance of him. If the attack button was pressed once more, Neku would instantly throw a second, weaker slash, and a third press would end in a ultimate hit that had more knockback; the assault would have 9 makes use of.

Up Smash: Vulcan Uppercut

Neku would strike upwards together with his fist. If the attack button was pressed again, Neku would throw out a direct second hit; the assault would have 8 makes use of.

Down Smash: Vortex Saber

Neku would slash in a round motion round him in an upwards arc, with the assault ending in a small shockwave that had a windbox; the attack would have four uses.

Impartial Air: A small black gap would materialize around Neku, dragging in opponents that have been really near him. The attack would solely have one use and a recharge time of 15 seconds, but when the transfer related, it might deal a number of injury.
Forward Air: Pressure Rounds

Neku would wave his hand ahead as three bullets shot forward in succession, each dealing little knockback and injury. Notice: a use wouldn’t be counted for each particular person bullet, but for each use of the assault as an alternative.

[Advanced 1] The bullets would residence in on the closest target, with every bullet turning into extra highly effective as they traveled. To use this variation, the player would repeatedly press the attack button.

[Advanced 2] Neku would hearth a number of stronger bullets, however they might have far much less range. To use this variation, the participant would hold the assault button down.

Again Air:

A boomerang projectile would shoot out from behind Neku and hearth off in a straight line. If it went lengthy enough without hitting an opponent, it might flip around and return to Neku; the attack would have 5 makes use of.

Down Air: Grave Marker Neku would fall down in a straight line and trigger a small shockwave upon touchdown; this assault would have a meteor hitbox.

[Advanced] The falling state would hit multiple occasions, with the final hitbox having a meteor impact. On grounded opponents, it will as an alternative have a burying impact. Neku descends slower than standard with this variation.

Seize: Psychokinesis Neku would seize the opponent with a light-weight orb that materialized out of thin air.

Neku would materialize an indication and drop it on the opponent.

Forward Throw:

Neku would throw the opponent forward earlier than firing an orb of lightning at them.

Again Throw: Neku would throw the opponent to the ground behind him before firing an orb of fireside at them.
Up Throw: Neku would lure the opponent in a bubble and throw them upward.
Down Throw:

Neku would throw the opponent to the ground as a small meteor landed on prime of them.

Impartial Special: Thunderbolt

A bolt of lightning would strike in entrance of Neku, with a second enter resulting in a second lightning bolt hitting the ground.

[Advanced] Five lightning bolts would strike the ground directly. The transfer would also have the ability to spike opponents in the air.

Aspect Special: Pyrokinesis

A line of fireside would appear in entrance of Neku. The participant would have the ability to management the hearth chain with the circle pad while holding the special button.

Up Special: Twister A whirlwind would materialize beneath Neku and make him rise upwards if used off the stage; this attack would have a big windbox. If used on stage, the whirlwind would appear in front of Neku and launch opponents into the air.
Down Special: Entanglement

Neku would slash straight down as a sequence appeared where he struck. The chain would ensnare opponents and deal very little injury, however it might hit a number of occasions and disappear after a short time. The participant would have the ability to angle the path of the chain left or right.

[Advanced] If an opponent was hit by the chain, they might be knocked into a second one after the primary one disappeared. Neku would be capable of move while these chains have been lively, and the chains would reach barely additional.

Particular Command: Player Pin

After the Participant Pin is absolutely charged, the player would be capable of press the special and defend buttons simultaneously to permit Neku to make use of the Associate assaults. Depending on what particular attack is used whereas the Player Pin’s lively, that move shall be routinely replaced with the Companion Attack.

Particular Command: Associate Attack

Shiki: With the Player Pin lively, if the participant used Neku’s neutral particular, they might name in Shiki and Mr. Mew to assist Neku. With Neku’s assault now beautiful the opponent whereas Mr. Mew slashed at the surprised opponent for five hits of minimal injury, the last dealing numerous hit stun.

Beat: Upon utilizing aspect particular, the participant would call in Beat. During the Associate attack, Neku’s aspect special would turn out to be a straight dash ahead on Beat’s skateboard. The transfer would have a homing effect and lock onto the closest target.

Joshua: Upon using down particular, the participant would name in Joshua, who would summon and drop objects immediately onto the opponent, grounding them if used on stage and spiking them if used off stage.

Last Smash: Last Fusion Neku would have three variations of his Remaining Smash:

If used normally, Neku and Shiki would unleash a barrage of assaults on the enemy, finishing with Mr. Mew touchdown an enormous claw swipe.

If used as a aspect particular, Neku and Beat would mow down the enemy with steady hits, dragging them across the display.

If used whereas constantly holding the particular button, Neku and Joshua would crash a meteor into the stage with immense psychic power.

All three would have slight variations, making them higher for various conditions. Beat’s would have probably the most launch power, Joshua’s would deal large injury, and Shiki’s would have the furthest vary when making an attempt to catch an opponent.

Up Taunt:

Neku would throw out his hand signalling for the enemy to strategy earlier than saying, “You able to die?”

Aspect Taunt: Neku would fold his arms and tap the bottom together with his foot impatiently while saying, “You’re too loud.”
Down Taunt: Neku would shrug and say, “You’re good as gone.”
Victory Animation #1: Neku and Shiki would high-five as Shiki stated, “We did it!” and Neku replies saying, “That was nothing.”
Victory Animation #2: Beat would frivolously punch Neku’s arm and say, “Yeah, that was tight!”
Victory Animation #three: Joshua would seem from a beam of sunshine, give Neku a smirk, and say, “It is advisable to do higher, Neku.”

Victory Fanfare: Neku’s victory theme can be an instrumental of the bassline heard within the monitor Tornado. This theme particularly can be used because it is the most outstanding theme in TWEWY. Its leitmotif is heard in most of the recreation’s songs, it has a remix for the final boss theme, and it was the theme used for Neku’s model of Traverse Town in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance:

Outro: With the long awaited second DLC Fighter, The Hero from Dragon Quest, being revealed at E3 this yr, it has shown that Sq. Enix has been extra open to letting different IPs getting used for Smash Bros. regardless of only beforehand permitting Last Fantasy VII-themed content. This may need drastically lowered Neku’s possibilities to get in now, however sooner or later, probably with a second Fighters Move, Neku has a greater probability than he’s ever needed to be included as Square expands its horizons with its IPs. Sora is another Sq. Enix consultant of many discussions for who must be added as DLC, there’s a probability that he has higher odds of being added now too, but might his ties to Disney affect him in a nasty means as an alternative? Only time will tell, but I consider with Neku’s nearer ties to Nintendo as an entire and even his crossover appearances in Kingdom Hearts, it wouldn’t be too shocking to see him turn into a playable fighter in the future.