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Dream Smasher: Taranza – Source Gaming

Dream Smasher: Taranza – Source Gaming

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Back in Might, we went over Magolor, some of the common Kirby characters, to see how good a fighter he would make in Smash. While him and Bandana Waddle Dee are two of probably the most requested options for potential newcomers from the Kirby franchise, there are lots of more fan favorite characters who can be an ideal fit for the crossover preventing recreation. At the moment, we’ll go over an choice that, while not the preferred or requested fighter from Kirby, would convey over some of the distinctive movesets but. That character is none aside from Taranza, the puppeteer from the land of Floralia.

Who Is Taranza?

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Taranza debuted in Kirby Triple Deluxe on the 3DS, the place he served as one of the recreation’s main antagonists. As soon as an amazing good friend to Sectonia, the queen of Floralia, Taranza gave her a present in the type of the Dimension Mirror. Nevertheless, unbeknownst to Taranza, the mirror contained an ideal evil in it that slowly corrupted Sectonia’s mind and physique the extra she seemed into it. Soon turning into a tyrannical conqueror, Sectonia enslaved the inhabitants of Floralia and aimed to take over the remainder of the world whereas Taranza might do nothing but serve her within the hopes of ultimately discovering a strategy to get his pal again. Someday, Sectonia tasked Taranza with discovering the hero of Dream Land and bringing him to her so that he can be unable to cease her from taking up Planet Popstar. Taranza, mistaking King Dedede for the hero, stormed his citadel and kidnapped him, prompting Kirby to comply with Taranza as he made his approach to Royal Street, the place Sectonia waited. Upon Kirby’s arrival at Sectonia’s palace, Taranza took management of King Dedede and used him to struggle Kirby. Upon his defeat, Taranza begged Queen Sectonia for assistance, just for her to blast him out of the citadel for his failure in retrieving the hero. Lastly accepting that there was no method to save Sectonia, Taranza joined Kirby and King Dedede of their effort to destroy her, lastly bringing peace to Floralia. Whereas Taranza turned an ally of Kirby’s from this level onwards, he nonetheless grieves over what happened to Sectonia and searches for a method to deliver her again.

Importance to Nintendo/Collection

Whereas Taranza doesn’t have the history of extra basic Kirby characters, he has turn out to be one of many collection’ most recurring characters since Triple Deluxe in 2014. From his position as a boss in Workforce Kirby Conflict Deluxe to him being playable in Star Allies, Taranza has been making constant appearances in almost each Kirby recreation since his debut. Even in games that don’t function him prominently, Taranza nonetheless makes cameo appearances like as a number of stickers in Planet Robobot or as a member of the gang in Battle Royale. That being stated, Taranza is way from being probably the most beloved trendy Kirby character. Each older faces like Magolor and even newer ones like Susie outpace him when it comes to reputation and fan demand for an inclusion in Smash. Taranza’s greatest shot at turning into a Smash fighter in the meanwhile appears to lie in whether or not Sakurai and the remainder of the Smashdevelopers are prepared to add characters who are already spirits to the Ultimate roster. If not, then Taranza has an honest shot since he is among the solely major Kirby characters lacking a spirit.

Colours and Design

Like most characters from the Kirby collection, Taranza’s design has seen little change through the years. As a playable fighter, Taranza would look no totally different in Smash and most intently resemble his HD appearance in Star Allies. As for Taranza’s palette swaps, his first three would reference his alternate colours from Star Allies, his fourth would reference his corrupted type from Kirby Clash Deluxe, his fifth and sixth would reference Magolor and Susie, respectively, and his seventh can be an alternate costume that gave him the looks of Dark Taranza, an evil doppelgänger who debuted in Kirby Conflict Deluxe.

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How Will He Play?

Now, let’s have a look at some stats:

  • Can they crawl? No
  • Can they wall bounce? Yes
  • How many jumps have they got? 2
  • Are there any exclusive talents they have*: No
  • Weight Class: D+
  • Peak Class: D+
  • Velocity Class: C+
  • Are they mirrored once they face left: Sure

*Like Peach’s float

In Workforce Kirby Conflict Deluxe and Star Allies, Taranza is proven to be less targeted on direct fight than different bosses and playable characters within the collection. He prefers to battle at a distance and pester the opponent with trickier attacks like spider webs and magic spells, however one notable transfer of his in Star Allies supplies potential for a lot extra. Within the recreation, Taranza is able to summon a ghostly projection of Queen Sectonia herself, which he makes use of to attack opponents with a move beforehand utilized by the queen in her boss fights. The power to summon a projection of a boss as highly effective as Sectonia provides Taranza an fascinating duality between his tough set of talents and the queen’s devastating attacks. Whereas the Sectonia phantom’s attacks can be exceedingly powerful, most of them can be extraordinarily sluggish and troublesome to land. That might be where Taranza himself came in, utilizing his quicker attacks to place the opponent in situations that might permit the phantom’s assaults to simply hit them. Nevertheless, as a light-weight character, Taranza can be vulnerable to being knocked out sooner than most, so using the phantom’s assaults would typically be risky. Though Taranza himself can be a light-weight fighter with weak attacks, by coupling his speedy moves and the status effects he can apply with the phantom’s raw energy, players would be capable of knock opponents out in a short time.

Boxing Ring Title: “The Queen’s Hand”

Collection Icon Inventory Icon

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Kirby Hat
Move Sort Description
Entrance Animation:

The Dimension Mirror would appear on stage as Taranza’s silhouette took shape from inside and exited it.


Taranza would float in place with three arms at both sides.

Idle Animation #1:

Taranza would modify his scarf with two arms and comb his hair with two more.

Idle Animation #2:

Taranza would yawn whereas placing a hand in entrance of his mouth.


Taranza would float in place as his palms adopted him.


Taranza’s cape would sway in the wind as he floated at a frantic tempo.


Taranza would bounce upward as he lifted his palms into the air for his first bounce, whereas his second one would have him float greater as he used his palms to stay balanced.

Injury Animation:

Taranza would recoil as his palms flew in all instructions.


Taranza would compress himself and stay close to the ground.


Taranza would put three palms over his face to guard himself.

Jab: Queenly Barrage

Taranza would backhand the opponent twice and, with a 3rd input, the Sectonia phantom would appear behind Taranza and begin rapidly stabbing forward with its swords. The phantom’s attack would end with a strong slash that would go away Taranza weak for a quick interval after its use.

Forward Tilt: Drone Beam

A flower drone would seem in front of Taranza and shoot a weak beam of power forward.

Down Tilt: Drone Zap

4 flower drones would appear around Taranza and shoot bolts of electricity between one another, beautiful anyone close by.

Up Tilt: Darling Dreamstalk

Taranza would cause a miniature version of the Dreamstalk to erupt out of the ground. While the assault wouldn’t do much injury, it will come out shortly and apply the flower impact.

Sprint Assault: Roly-Poly

Taranza would leap forward and rotate his physique together with his arms outstretched, equally to Corrin’s sprint attack.

Aspect Smash: Queen’s Slam

The Sectonia phantom would cost up each of its swords with darkish power before slamming them into the bottom. This may be both considered one of Taranza’s strongest, yet slowest assaults.

Up Smash: Queen’s Thrust

The Sectonia phantom would thrust each of its scepters into the air as they have been each engulfed in electrical energy, launching any opponents instantly above Taranza.

Down Smash: Queen’s Phantom

The Sectonia phantom would use its scepter to electrocute the floor in front of and behind Taranza, dealing large injury, but being very sluggish and having an extended cooldown interval.

Neutral Air: Golden Ring

A golden ring would seem round Taranza and keep there for a couple of seconds, protecting him from weak projectiles and launching anyone the ring got here into contact with.

Down Air: Gem Drop

Taranza would summon a purple gem under him that may instantly fall down and hit anyone in its approach.

Forward Air: Drone Seed

A flower drone would seem in entrance of Taranza and shoot an enormous seed ahead.

Back Air: Drone Blade

A flower drone would appear behind Taranza earlier than turning right into a blade and slashing downward.

Up Air: Taranza Ball

Taranza would create an orb of dark power above his head before capturing it upward. The orb would turn out to be weaker and weaker because it moved upward.

Grab: Taranza would grab the opponent from where their neck can be with certainly one of his palms.
Pummel: Taranza would punch the opponent with the 5 arms that weren’t already holding them.
Ahead Throw: A flower drone would seem subsequent to Taranza and shoot an enormous seed at the opponent.
Up Throw: Taranza would spin and launch the opponent upward with a wave of power.
Down Throw: A flower drone would appear above Taranza before turning right into a blade and slamming the opponent into the bottom.
Back Throw:

Taranza would stick a string of webbing to the opponent and toss them overhead before slamming them into the ground behind him.

Neutral Particular: Net Maintain

Taranza would float in place as he created an orb of webbing above him. The player would then take control of the orb for a brief time period and have the ability to use it to either catch projectiles and shoot them in any course, stun grounded opponents, or launch opponents within the air upward.

Aspect Special: Magic String Shot

Taranza would shoot out a string of webbing from his fingertips. If the string didn’t hit anyone, it might unfold and float in midair, slowing down anybody in its neighborhood before it dissipated after a couple of seconds. Nevertheless, if the string hit someone, it will deal very little injury whereas barely slowing them down for a couple of seconds. This impact could possibly be stacked as much as 3 times.

Up Particular: Good friend Bounce

Taranza would create a trampoline out of webbing instantly beneath himself earlier than immediately bouncing off of it. The online would remain the place it was created for a number of seconds, permitting each Taranza and his allies to jump off of it. Nevertheless, if certainly one of Taranza’s enemies landed on it, it might unfold because the fighter on it was put into free fall.

Down Particular: Phantom Thrust

The Sectonia phantom would appear behind Taranza as he charged up for a number of seconds. The longer he charged the assault, the extra powerful it will be. At one degree of charge, the phantom would merely thrust forward with its sword. At two ranges, the phantom would slash once with its sword before lunging ahead. Finally, at three levels of charge, the phantom would slash 3 times with its sword earlier than lunging a lot quicker and further. Like Zelda’s Phantom Slash, the phantom could possibly be mirrored.

Last Smash: Moonstruck Blossom

With a name from Taranza as he teleported off-screen, the Dreamstalk would rise within the background because the flower atop it opened up and revealed it and Sectonia’s merged type. The participant would then be given control of a reticle and have the ability to select where Sectonia herself would hearth an enormous beam of power.

Up Taunt:

Taranza would put his six arms behind his back earlier than tossing them out in all instructions.

Aspect Taunt:

Taranza would pull out a flower and stare at it longingly.

Down Taunt:

Taranza would put his palms on his chest and snicker to himself.

Victory Animation #1: Taranza would put his palms together and shut his eyes earlier than throwing them to his sides as the Sectonia phantom appeared behind him and did the same.
Victory Animation #2: Taranza can be seen staring off into the space earlier than turning to the digital camera and falling to the ground in shock.
Victory Animation #3:

King Dedede can be seen operating away from Taranza because the latter shot an internet of power on the former and grabbed his paralyzed physique.

Victory Fanfare: Taranza’s victory fanfare can be the intro to the boss battle theme from Triple Deluxe:

Outro: To be trustworthy, Taranza’s probabilities of joining Smash are very slim. Whereas he’s a well-liked character, up towards more anticipated ones like Magolor or Bandana Waddle Dee, there’s little purpose for Taranza to be chosen now that his debut recreation’s greater than 5 years previous. That being stated, while Taranza’s not very probably, he would make for an fascinating addition to the Smash roster that may undoubtedly characterize the fashionable Kirby video games nicely.