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Dream Smasher: Sub-Zero – Source Gaming

Dream Smasher: Sub-Zero – Source Gaming

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Back in October of 2018, we went over Scorpion, the mascot of Mortal Kombat, to see how properly he would slot in Smash as a fighter. Since then, Mortal Kombat has gained one other surge in reputation because of the discharge of Mortal Kombat 11, the franchise’s newest installment and the first Mortal Kombat on a Nintendo house console since 2007’s Mortal Kombat: Armageddon on the Wii. Given Nintendo’s heavy advertising of MK11, together with a spot in the February 2019 Nintendo Direct, now looks like the perfect time to go over the opposite icon of Mortal Kombat: the ice-manipulating assassin from the Lin Kuei, Sub-Zero.

Who Is Sub-Zero?

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“Sub-Zero” is actually a title utilized by two characters throughout Mortal Kombat: Bi-Han and his youthful brother Kuai Liang. Both brothers have been cryomancers who have been kidnapped and educated by the Lin Kuei clan of assassins as youngsters. Bi-Han debuted as a playable fighter in the unique Mortal Kombat alongside other legendary fighters like Scorpion and Liu Kang. Whereas Bi-Han fell by the hands of Scorpion, that didn’t stop the warrior from turning into one of the well-known preventing recreation characters, a lot in order that he acquired his own recreation named Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero, a spin-off title that acquired a Nintendo 64 port. Nevertheless, with Bi-Han lifeless, Kuai Liang turned determined to avenge his lifeless brother by taking over the mantle of Sub-Zero and defeating Scorpion. Since then, Scorpion and Sub-Zero have had probably the most iconic rivalries in all of gaming. While both Bi-Han and Kuai Liang have nearly the identical talents (resembling the power to control ice to freeze foes and instantly create weapons), Kuai Liang can be the almost definitely incarnation of Sub-Zero to be used if the assassin ever made it into Smash on account of him carrying the identify in far more titles than Bi-Han.

Significance to Nintendo/Collection

As Scorpion’s rival, Sub-Zero has naturally stored tempo with him when it comes to prominence through the years. In reality, Sub-Zero has technically appeared in more Mortal Kombat video games than Scorpion because of the latter’s absence within the unique model of Mortal Kombat 3. Couple that with Sub-Zero being the primary character to get his personal spin-off and it’s clear that the Lin Kuei murderer is simply as integral to Mortal Kombat as Scorpion. Nevertheless, whereas Sub-Zero could also be as necessary to the franchise as Scorpion, he isn’t as fashionable. In current Mortal Kombat installments, Scorpion has taken precedence as the mascot, typically being featured alone in promotional supplies and beating Sub-Zero in polls such because the one Nintendo lately ran on Twitter. That being stated, Sub-Zero still recurrently will get his time in the spotlight, resembling when he appeared as a visitor fighter in 2017’s Injustice 2 as DLC. In any case, simply take a look at the ballot results for yourself; regardless that Scorpion gained, it was by such a small margin that Sub-Zero continues to be nearly on equal footing with him in any case these years.

One issue which will clarify why Mortal Kombat hasn’t appeared in Smash yet is because of the franchise’s current installments being banned in Japan because of their extreme violence. That being stated, the collection and its unique combatants are nonetheless extremely well-known worldwide; its undoubtedly probably the most iconic preventing recreation franchise not made in Japan and has left its mark on gaming historical past because of its position in the establishment of online game censorship. Thus, Mortal Kombat is greater than iconic enough to warrant illustration in Smash as one of the crucial common preventing recreation collection of all time.

Colors and Design

With every new Mortal Kombat entry, the characters are given utterly new designs and outfits to set each recreation aside from the last. With the newest installment being on the Change, Sub-Zero’s Smash design would naturally borrow from it probably the most. Whereas Sub-Zero’s main costume can be his armor from Mortal Kombat 11, his alternate costume can be the long-lasting ninja gi from the unique Mortal Kombat. Each costume would naturally have three palette swaps, with MK11’s being based mostly on a number of the alternate colors Sub-Zero can equip in that recreation, while Klassic’s can be based mostly on other ninja from the Mortal Kombat collection. MK11’s three palette swaps can be based mostly on the Skins Cherry Ice, Whiteout, and Honorary Shirai Ryu, while Klassic’s three palette swaps can be based mostly on Smoke, Rain, and Noob Saibot.

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How Will He Play?

Now, let’s have a look at some stats:

  • Can they crawl? No
  • Can they wall leap? Sure
  • How many jumps do they have? 2
  • Are there any exclusive talents they have*: Sure
  • Weight Class: B
  • Peak Class: C+
  • Velocity Class: D
  • Are they mirrored once they face left: No

*Like Peach’s float

Naturally, Sub-Zero’s moveset in Smash would revolve around his capacity to regulate ice with a purpose to create obstacles and weapons or freeze the setting round him. In his residence collection, Sub-Zero has historically had a defensive moveset to set him aside from Scorpion and his extra aggressive playstyle. With quite a lot of disjoint attacks and the occasional projectile, Sub-Zero would excel at protecting the opponent at bay together with his highly effective strikes and skill to string combos collectively. He would be capable of perform these combos since he’d share a number of gimmicks with Ryu and Ken. Like those two, Sub-Zero would all the time face his opponent in a one-on-one, be capable of execute mild and heavy variations of some of his assaults relying on how lengthy the button is held, cancel sure moves into different ones, and even have the power to execute stronger versions of his particular attacks via special inputs. Nevertheless, whereas Sub-Zero would hit onerous and have plenty of methods to zone out his opponents, he would have under common movement and poor body knowledge because of most of his moveset relying on heavy weapons like battle axes, struggle hammers, and greatswords. With sluggish motion and poor body knowledge that’s balanced by efficient zoning choices and highly effective attacks, Sub-Zero can be greatest in the palms of deliberate players who can work around his under common velocity and benefit from the devastating combos he can perform.

Boxing Ring Title: “Grandmaster of the Lin Kuei”

Collection Icon Inventory Icons

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Kirby Hat


Move Sort Description
Entrance Animation:

A human-shaped ice sculpture would type from the ground up before exploding and leaving Sub-Zero as a substitute, referencing his entrance animation in Mortal Kombat (2011).


Sub-Zero would stand together with his legs far aside as he held one hand over the opposite, referencing his stance in Mortal Kombat 11.

Idle Animation #1:

Sub-Zero would wave his arms around as ice particles emanated from them.

Idle Animation #2:

Sub-Zero would straighten his back as his ft started to freeze the floor.


Sub-Zero would put his palms to his sides and slowly walk forward.


Sub-Zero would simply run ahead at a velocity just like Ryu’s run as his arms pumped forwards and backwards.


Sub-Zero’s first leap would have him jumping together with his arms to his sides, while his second bounce would have him performing a flip.

Injury Animation:

Sub-Zero’s head would recoil as he stumbled backwards.


Sub-Zero would get on one knee as his arms maintained their position.


Sub-Zero would block incoming attacks by masking his face together with his arms.

Jab: Axe Bash / Straight Stab

Mild: Sub-Zero would punch once with each arm earlier than stabbing forward with an ice axe.

Heavy: Sub-Zero would stab ahead with an ice greatsword.

Ahead Tilt: Axe Slam / Double Axe Slam

Mild: Sub-Zero would raise his arms over his head and create an ice axe earlier than swinging downward with it.

Heavy: Sub-Zero would create two ice axes as an alternative of one and slam them each down, making the assault slower, but extra highly effective.

Down Tilt: Chilled Sweep / Creeping Ice

Mild: Sub-Zero would carry out a sweeping kick that might have a excessive probability of creating opponents trip.

Heavy: Sub-Zero would strike the ground together with his arm, causing ice to erupt in front of him that may injury opponents. This attack would also have a chance of freezing opponents at high percentages.

Up Tilt: Uppercut / Rising Axe

Mild: Sub-Zero would merely carry out an uppercut.

Heavy: Sub-Zero would conjure an ice axe and swing it in an upward arc.

Dash Attack: Deep Freeze

Sub-Zero would carry out a shoulder bash whereas sliding forward on a path of ice.

Aspect Smash: Frost Hammer

Sub-Zero would conjure an ice struggle hammer and slam it into the bottom in entrance of him.

Up Smash: Frost Axe

Sub-Zero would conjure an ice battle axe and swing it in an identical angle to Ganondorf’s up smash.

Down Smash: Frost Sword Sub-Zero would conjure an ice nice sword and swing it to the ground in entrance of and behind him.
Neutral Air: Cold Boot

Sub-Zero would simply kick ahead, similarly to impartial airs like Mario’s and Hyperlink’s.

Down Air: Frigid Slam

Sub-Zero would thrust each of his arms downward, probably freezing anyone in his method. If Frigid Slam hit the ground, the assault would cause a number of ice spikes to erupt from the bottom in front and behind Sub-Zero.

Ahead Air: Frozen Tundra

Sub-Zero would conjure an ice axe and swing it downward.

Back Air: Backstab Sub-Zero would conjure an ice sword and swing it behind him.
Up Air: Ice Blast Sub-Zero would carry both of his arms up and create a ball of ice in between them that might then explode.

Sub-Zero would merely lunge forward and seize the opponent from the place their shoulders can be.


Sub-Zero would stab the opponent with an ice dagger.

Ahead Throw:

Sub-Zero would type a ball of ice in his hand and punch it together with his different hand, causing a small explosion of ice that may launch the opponent forward.

Up Throw: Sub-Zero would conjure an ice conflict hammer and swing upward with it, launching the opponent in that path.
Down Throw: Sub-Zero would kick the opponent into the bottom and bounce on prime of them, launching them upward.
Again Throw:

Sub-Zero would thrust an ice axe into the opponent and bounce on prime of them before jumping off of them with a kick, launching them backward.

Neutral Particular: Ice Ball

Sub-Zero would hearth a ball of ice forward that may freeze opponents upon contact. In contrast to different freezing assaults, opponents hit by Ice Ball wouldn’t launch in any course and would as an alternative stay the place they have been hit, even when in the air. The period of time opponents remained frozen would depend upon how excessive their proportion is. If the participant inputted Down, Ahead, Assault, Sub-Zero would hearth a beam of ice as an alternative that might journey a lot quicker, but have less vary.

Aspect Special: Slide

Sub-Zero would slide on the ground using a path of ice and, when in the air, conjure an ice clone of himself that might shoot at a downward angle and injury anyone in its method. If the player inputted Again, Ahead, Attack, both assault can be more powerful.

Up Particular: Ice Klone

When on the bottom, Sub-Zero would leap backwards as an ice clone that froze opponents upon contact was left in his place. Within the air, Sub-Zero would bounce immediately upward and depart an ice clone in his place that may fall to the bottom. If the participant inputted Down, Back, Attack whereas on the bottom, Sub-Zero would immediately throw his clone after conjuring it. Any clones that have been thrown or made within the air would injury opponents upon contact as an alternative of freezing them.

Down Particular: Ice Nugget

Sub-Zero would shoot an ice beam instantly upward, forming a large block of ice within the air that might then slam into the ground and launch anybody in its approach. The beam Sub-Zero fired would additionally injury opponents, nevertheless it wouldn’t make them flinch. By holding Again whereas performing the move, the block of ice can be created nearer to Sub-Zero, and by holding Ahead, the block can be created farther from him.

Ultimate Smash: Hearth & Ice

Sub-Zero would start by creating a large vortex of ice around himself that might draw opponents into it. Anyone caught by the vortex can be launched into the Cyber Lin Kuei Assembly, the place Sub-Zero would hearth a beam of ice at his enemy Sektor whereas the cyborg shot back with a blast of fireside as the opponents caught within the center took both assaults and have been subsequently launched.

Up Taunt:

Sub-Zero would triumphantly raise his fist into the air, referencing his victory animations within the unique Mortal Kombat trilogy.

Aspect Taunt:

Sub-Zero would breathe a small cloud of ice breath, referencing his Fatality in Mortal Kombat 3.

Down Taunt:

Sub-Zero would look towards the digital camera and slam his fist into the ground, referencing his victory animation in Mortal Kombat: Deception.

Victory Animation #1:

Sub-Zero would conjure an ice sword and slam it into the ground earlier than hanging a meditative pose subsequent to it.

Victory Animation #2:

Sub-Zero would conjure a ball of ice and slam it into the ground, causing ice stalagmites to erupt around him.

Victory Animation #3:

Sub-Zero would conjure a ball of ice and hearth it at the digital camera, causing ice to seem on the sides of the lens because the ball soared previous it.

Victory Fanfare: Sub-Zero’s victory fanfare can be a brief remix of the Mortal Kombat movie’s signature theme. Whereas the theme hasn’t made much appearances since its debut, it appeared in Mortal Kombat 11’s launch trailer and is likely one of the most iconic elements of the collection.

Outro: As one of the iconic preventing recreation characters of all time, Sub-Zero has naturally been a well-liked request for the Smash roster for a long time. Whereas his violent background and collection’ lack of a robust history with Nintendo has made him an unlikely candidate to most people, Mortal Kombat 11’s launch on the Change invalidated the latter argument and sparked interest in a Mortal Kombat character joining the last word battle. Whether it’s Scorpion or Sub-Zero, the inclusion of the Mortal Kombat franchise in one of the biggest crossovers in gaming would undoubtedly convey a singular flavor to Smash.