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With regards to the franchises that seem in Smash, Sakurai and his staff all the time be sure that they characterize them as faithfully as attainable. From the levels and music to the fighters especially, it’s not uncommon to see Smash pay homage to both a collection’ basic and trendy titles. Nevertheless, there’s one franchise that has infamously been represented in Smash in a very odd approach. While the Kirby franchise receives no shortage of latest content each Smash installment, it has notably all the time been in favor of the collection’ basic video games relatively than its newer ones. Smash has sometimes seen the inclusion of music and Spirits from trendy Kirby titles, however it still has yet to receive anything substantial like a stage or fighter, leading to fans typically requesting the addition of such content material. This is solely natural given the abundance of beloved characters who have debuted in trendy Kirby titles, so we’re going to take a look at one of the in style choices in right now’s Dream Smasher: Magolor.


Who Is Magolor?

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Debuting in 2011’s Kirby’s Return to Dream Land, Magolor takes on the position of both a supporting character and the sport’s main antagonist. Upon arriving in Dream Land in his ship, the Lor Starcutter, Magolor crash lands and loses most of his ship elements consequently. Quickly after, Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede, and Bandana Waddle Dee arrive and agree to help Magolor repair his ship. After they journey to five worlds and recuperate the missing ship elements, Magolor thanks the group by taking them to go to Halcandra, what Magolor claims to be his residence world. Upon arriving in Halcandra, the Starcutter is attacked by a four-headed dragon named Landia, prompting Kirby and company to defeat it. Nevertheless, upon the dragon’s defeat, it drops a mysterious crown on the bottom. Magolor quickly seems and takes the crown for himself, reworking into a strong wizard and revealing to the heroes that he had been deceiving them all along as a way to get hold of the Grasp Crown and achieve its immense energy. Plotting to take over the universe, Magolor escapes into One other Dimension with Kirby, his buddies, and Landia in pursuit. This leads to a heated battle between Kirby’s group and Magolor, with the heroes coming out on prime and the Grasp Crown being destroyed. Magolor would go on to reappear in later Kirby installments, seemingly regretting what he did in Return to Dream Land and prepared to assist Kirby as an ally in games like Workforce Kirby Conflict Deluxe, the place he takes on the position of a service provider, and Kirby Star Allies, the place he makes his playable debut as certainly one of many Dream Pals.


Importance to Nintendo/Collection


While Kirby video games all the time introduce new characters with each important installment, Magolor is unique in that he’s maintained a robust presence within the collection since his debut. While he wasn’t the primary character to trick Kirby into doing his bidding, Magolor turned probably the most fashionable characters in the franchise because of his sinister character, memorable boss battle, and fascinating lore. Stated reputation has resulted in him making cameos in almost every Kirby recreation since Return to Dream Land, whether or not it’s as a collectible keychain in Triple Deluxe or a number of stickers in Planet Robobot.

As something of a consultant for each Return to Dream Land and trendy Kirby as an entire, Magolor has naturally grow to be a well known Nintendo character, ensuing within the creation of varied merchandise and promotional materials depicting him. He naturally turned a well-liked Smash candidate because of HAL’s push for the character, particularly in Japan. In truth, Source Gaming’s personal PushDustIn found that, as of 2015, Magolor was one of the requested fighters in Japan, solely being crushed out by Bandana Waddle Dee and six different characters who’ve since been added to Ultimate’s roster. With there clearly being a high demand for the addition of a contemporary Kirby character, Magolor has a big probability given his position as certainly one of Kirby’s most recognizable villains.


Colors and Design


Like most Kirby characters, Magolor’s design hasn’t seen much alteration since his debut. While he’s taken on totally different types and gotten new units of clothes before, his base design is probably the most well-known and continues to be used to today. Magolor’s design in Smash would borrow from his appearance in Star Allies specifically, because of that recreation being the first one to depict him in HD. As for Magolor’s palette swaps, they might all naturally depict different appearances Magolor has taken on in addition to other characters from trendy Kirby. His second shade can be based mostly on his Player 2 appearance in Star Allies, his third one can be based mostly on Taranza from Triple Deluxe, his fourth one can be an alternate costume that gave him the clothes he wears as a shopkeeper in Workforce Kirby Clash Deluxe, his fifth one can be based mostly on his boss type after donning the Master Crown, his sixth one can be based mostly on Magolor Soul, his seventh one can be based mostly on Hyness from Star Allies, and his eighth one can be based mostly on the grayscale appearance of the dimensional rift challenges in Return to Dream Land (this shade would also match Kirby and King Dedede’s grayscale palettes).

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How Will He Play?

Now, let’s have a look at some stats:

  • Can they crawl? No
  • Can they wall bounce? No
  • What number of jumps have they got? 2
  • Are there any exclusive talents they’ve*: No
  • Weight Class: E
  • Peak Class: D
  • Velocity Class: B
  • Are they mirrored once they face left: Yes

*Like Peach’s float

Each as a boss and a playable character, Magolor is an easy, but swift fighter. Whereas his attacks are simple and predictable, they make up for that in power and flashiness. Naturally, a strong mage with a small body like Magolor can be something of a mixture between a glass cannon and a zoner with the velocity he needs to stay out of hassle. Magolor has nearly by no means attacked by making physical contact, so much of his Smash moveset can be made up of projectiles, spells, and the occasional disjoints. As a limbless character who always floats in the air, Magolor would have a really excessive bounce and sometimes haven’t any hassle recovering, but he would even be one of the lightest characters in the recreation. While enjoying Magolor, players must be crafty and know when to select their fights, since they will simply be blown away at any second despite the highly effective moves at their disposal.

Boxing Ring Title: “The Topped Magician”

Collection Icon Inventory Icon

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Kirby Hat


Transfer Sort Description
Entrance Animation:

A star-shaped black hole would seem as Magolor floated out of it.


Magolor would float in place together with his arms to his sides.

Idle Animation #1:

Magolor would go searching and give a suspiciously pleasant expression as he clapped his arms together.

Idle Animation #2:

Magolor would give a determined glare and put together to move.


Magolor would slowly levitate ahead as his cape swayed in the wind.


Magolor would put his head down and float quicker as his palms trailed behind him.


Magolor would bounce upward as he lifted his arms into the air for his first bounce, whereas his second one would have him float greater as he used his palms to stay balanced.

Injury Animation:

Magolor would shut his eyes in pain and wrestle.


Magolor would compress himself and keep close to the bottom.

Shielding: Magic Barrier

Magolor would put a hand over his face as a magical circle that resembled his Magic Barrier appeared in front of him. Relatively than the circle shrinking to indicate its weakening, its elements would disintegrate one-by-one until nothing is left.

Jab: Magic Sphere

Magolor would hearth a small ball of power from his palms.

Ahead Tilt: Extremely Sword

Magolor would conjure a miniature model of his Ultra Sword overhead and swing it downward.

Down Tilt: Slide

Magolor would simply slide on the bottom.

Up Tilt: Extremely Swipe Magolor would pull out a miniature Extremely Sword and slash it in an arc overhead.
Dash Attack: Magolor Surge

Magolor would launch himself ahead with a blast of wind; the assault would even have a windbox that’d push any close by opponents Magolor narrowly missed.

Aspect Smash: Revolution Flame

Magolor would hearth a blast of three flaming orbs. While it’d be a strong transfer with good range, Magolor can be left weak for a bit after using the assault.

Up Smash: Gem Apple Blast

Magolor would pull out a Gem Apple Bomb and carry it upward as it blew up and broken any nearby opponents.

Down Smash: Deadly Needles

Magolor would conjure two miniature spears of power to his sides, launching opponents immediately upward.

Impartial Air: Revolution Orbs

Magolor would conjure two magical spheres and hold them hooked up to his palms as he spun around.

Down Air: Grand Icicle Magolor would conjure an icicle and shoot it downward, probably freezing anybody the icicle came into contact with. 
Forward Air: Floating Sphere Magolor would briefly float in place and hearth the same magic sphere seen in his jab.
Again Air: Grand Hammer

Magolor would pull out a miniature version of his Grand Hammer and swing it behind him, probably freezing any enemies in his means.

Up Air: Extremely Slash

Magolor would conjure two miniature Ultra Swords in his arms and slash them each in an arc overhead.

Grab: Magolor would wrap the opponent in magic power as an alternative of grabbing them himself.
Pummel: Magolor would tighten the power engulfing the opponent.
Ahead Throw: Magolor would snap his finger, launching his opponent ahead.
Up Throw: Magolor would roll a Gem Apple Bomb beneath the opponent because it exploded and launched them upward.
Down Throw: Magolor would conjure his miniature Ultra Sword overhead and slam the opponent to the ground with a downward slash.
Back Throw: Magolor would grab the opponent and switch them around before hitting them together with his miniature Grand Hammer.
Neutral Particular: Black Gap

Magolor would conjure a pentagram-like circle of magic overhead and be capable of transfer it in any path for a short while. The circle would then rework into a star-shaped black gap that might suck in any close by opponents, leaving them open to a comply with up attack.

Aspect Special: Magoloran Launch

Magolor would conjure a miniature model of the Lor Starcutter and launch it forward. Whereas it might be very small initially, Magolor would have the ability to cost it as much as improve its measurement and power. In workforce battles, Magolor’s allies would also be capable of journey on prime of it.

Up Particular: Dimensional Vanish

Magolor would conjure a star-shaped portal and disappear into it. Magolor would then be capable of transfer in any course for a short time, however opponents would be capable of predict where Magolor will seem because of a ripple in the background making a gift of his location.

Down Special: Gem Apple Bombs

Magolor would pull out three Gem Apple Bombs and toss them each at a barely totally different angle. While they wouldn’t do a lot injury on their own, the participant would have the ability to enter the attack once more to blow them up, causing Magolor to snigger for a second.

Ultimate Smash: CROWNED

Magolor would rework into his notorious boss type and create an enormous “pentagram” of power before firing an enormous beam of sunshine from it. Opponents hit by the pentagram can be trapped and compelled to take the complete assault.

Up Taunt:

Magolor would wave and wink on the digital camera.

Aspect Taunt:

Magolor would give a bored expression and put a hand to his cheek; he doesn’t seem impressed.

Down Taunt:

Magolor would shut his eyes and triumphantly pump his fists up and down.

Victory Animation #1:

Magolor would seize the Grasp Crown as it floated in midair earlier than donning it and releasing a blast of power.

Victory Animation #2: Kirby can be seen strolling before spotting a Gem Apple and choosing it up. The Gem Apple would then explode in his face, causing Magolor to seem on display and giggle at Kirby.
Victory Animation #three: Magolor would launch a Revolution Flame earlier than turning round and swinging his Grand Hammer into the ground. Magolor would then put his arms to his hips and pose triumphantly.

Victory Fanfare: Magolor’s victory fanfare can be the intro to his iconic boss theme, CROWNED.

Outro: Whereas Kirby is a franchise crammed with plenty of distinctive and memorable characters who would simply fit in Smash given the two franchises’ gameplay similarities, Magolor is certainly one of the crucial well-liked choices given his magical talents and recreation of origin. Return to Dream Land marked a return to type for the Kirby collection, so followers naturally need to see the game and its successors get the representation they deserve in Smash sooner moderately than later. That being stated, Magolor’s nowhere near the one character that would seem in Smash and eventually give the fashionable video games correct illustration. After a small detour, we’ll go over another, less typical choice from the fashionable Kirby video games. Till then, why don’t you take a look at my previous idea on Squeak Squad’s Daroach or NantenJex’s concept on Planet Robobot’s Susie?