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Dream Smasher: Fawful | Source Gaming

Dream Smasher: Fawful | Source Gaming

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As probably the most iconic and well-known franchise in all of gaming, Tremendous Mario has naturally acquired its justifiable share of attention on the earth of Smash. From its numerous forged of fighters to its in depth lineup of levels and gadgets, Super Mario is undoubtedly Smash’s most nicely represented collection. Mario’s distinctive in that, on prime of Smash representing its essential collection installments, it also represents loads of its spin-offs, together with collection like Mario Kart and Paper Mario with levels and Dr. Mario with the titular character as a fighter. With all of the distinctive content material Super Mario has provided in Smash through the years, fans naturally request the inclusion of even more. A few of the most popular requests through the years have been Waluigi, Geno, and Paper Mario. Nevertheless, whereas the latter two of those characters hail from beloved Mario RPGs, one Mario RPG character isn’t discussed almost as much as he must be despite his house collection’s relevance and recognition. That character is none aside from Mario & Luigi’s Fawful, the fan favorite villain that we’ll be taking a look at at the moment.

Who Is Fawful?

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Debuting in 2003’s Mario & Luigi: Celebrity Saga, Fawful served as the sport’s secondary antagonist and assistant to the evil witch Cackletta. All through the game, Fawful helps the villain in her try to overcome both the Mushroom and Beanbean Kingdoms, the latter of which being the pair’s homeland. Fawful proves himself to be a strong enemy all through the sport, continually getting within the Mario Brothers’ means and being a useful part of Cackletta’s army. Close to the top of the sport, Fawful confronts the Bros. as the penultimate boss after realizing that he might be rather more than a mere lackey, only to be defeated and launched out of Bowser’s Fort. Fawful later appeared in 2006’s Mario & Luigi: Partners In Time, but solely as a shopkeeper. In this installment, Fawful might be found within the sewers of Peach’s Fort and, upon meeting Child Mario and Baby Luigi (whom he doesn’t recognize as the younger variations of his enemies), talks about how he was defeated by the Bros. and plans to return in the future. In 2009’s Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story, Fawful lives up to that aim, appearing as the sport’s most important antagonist. After putting the Mushroom Kingdom right into a state of unrest by spreading the blorb disease, Fawful invades Bowser’s Fort and seizes control of the Koopa king’s army. Planning to acquire the Darkish Star and make its immense power his own, Fawful steals the artifact from its chamber beneath Toad Town and takes Peach’s Fort for himself. Nevertheless, Bowser, intent on stopping Fawful, invades the fort and disrupts Fawful’s plan, but fails to stop the Darkish Star from awakening. Fawful manages to soak up half of the Dark Star’s energy before Bowser’s interruption, although, reworking him into Dark Fawful. When Fawful later reunites with the Dark Star (which takes on Bowser’s appearance and power after having entered his physique), the two beings merge and develop into a fair larger menace, leading to a remaining battle between the Darkish Star (with Fawful in its body) and Bowser (with the Mario Bros. in his physique). Following Fawful’s defeat by the Bros., Bowser destroys the Dark Star for good, leaving Fawful on demise’s door. In a last try at revenge, Fawful blows himself up as a way to take the Bros. out with him, however fails, ending Fawful’s conquest… for now.

Importance to Nintendo/Collection

Having appeared in three out of five Mario & Luigi games, Fawful is of course one of many collection’s most essential characters and a fan favorite antagonist. Recognized for his mechanical genius, eccentric character, and fixed use of meals metaphors, the Beanish villain left an enormous impression on players as they saw his story unfold throughout the first three installments. That being stated, Fawful hasn’t actually had a presence at all outdoors of the first three Mario & Luigi games, making him a relatively area of interest character general.

Regardless that Fawful’s not as properly referred to as different Mario characters, his residence collection is probably the most relevant and long-running of the Mario RPGs. Having acquired a fifth installment back in late 2015 and 3DS remakes of Celebrity Saga and Bowser’s Inside Story again in late 2017 and early 2019 respectively, Mario & Luigi has been extremely lively over the past few years. Given the collection’s relevance, if Smash have been to ever embrace a Mario RPG character, one from Mario & Luigi can be a wise choice. While Fawful didn’t appear in Mario & Luigi’s two most up-to-date installments, because the two games that prominently function him have since been remade, Fawful is more related than ever and has an honest shot at turning into a Smash fighter. Actually, Smash has already referenced him numerous occasions, both by way of his identify as a random nickname choice in Brawl and Wii U / 3DS and as a Spirit in Ultimate.

Colours & Design

All through the three games Fawful seems in, the maniacal mechanist takes on many designs, reminiscent of his tattered cloak in Celebrity Saga and his white jumpsuit in Companions In Time. Nevertheless, Smash would more than likely use Fawful’s design from Bowser’s Inside Story, the game the place Fawful has his largest position. On this recreation, he wears a purple and grey cloak that covers his black go well with, black gloves, and gray sandals. Fawful’s palette swaps would both reference other outfits he’s worn and villains throughout the Mario & Luigi collection. His second colour would reference his pink jumpsuit from Celebrity Saga, his third one would reference his white jumpsuit from Partners In Time, his fourth one would reference his Goodwill Ambassador disguise from Celebrity Saga, his fifth one would reference Cackletta, his sixth one would reference Companions In Time’s Shroobs, his seventh one would reference Dream Workforce’s Antasma, and his eighth one can be an alternate costume that gave him the looks of Dark Fawful, the shape he takes upon absorbing half of the Dark Star’s power.

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How Will He Play?

Now, let’s have a look at some stats:

  • Can they crawl? No
  • Can they wall leap? No
  • What number of jumps do they have? 2
  • Are there any unique talents they’ve*: No
  • Weight Class: D
  • Peak Class: C+
  • Velocity Class: B
  • Are they mirrored once they face left: No

*Like Peach’s float

Throughout the Mario & Luigi collection, Fawful is proven to be very fast on his ft, however extremely weak bodily. To make up for his lack of power in Smash, he would wear his signature Vacuum Helmet always. This gadget would, in some ways, resemble Bowser Jr.’s Junior Clown Automotive. Just like the Clown Automotive, the Vacuum Helmet would carry out sure assaults for Fawful and have a separate hurtbox from his. If the helmet have been to be attacked as an alternative of him, he would take much less injury than standard, however Fawful himself would take extra injury than regular when attacked to counterbalance this. Like in Fawful’s boss battles, the Vacuum Helmet would do a lot of the heavy lifting whereas its wearer contributed utilizing numerous weapons and different innovations. Fawful can be an effective zoner because of the varied disjoints and projectiles at his disposal and have relatively high movement velocity, however most of his assaults can be fairly telegraphed and straightforward to punish, identical to those of the enemies in each Mario & Luigi recreation. By maintaining their opponents at bay and overwhelming them with numerous assaults from all angles, Fawful players would have the ability to deal loads of injury in a very brief period of time. Nevertheless, if their opponents dodged all of their projectiles, approached rigorously, and aimed for the Beanish villain as an alternative of his helmet, Fawful can be the one getting knocked out as an alternative.

Boxing Ring Title: “The Mustard of Your Doom”

Move Sort Description
Entrance Animation:

Fawful would drop onto the stage and begin waving his arms around as a spotlight fell on him.


Fawful would bounce in place while holding his legs and arms inside his coat.

Idle Animation #1:

Fawful would put his arms on his hips and move his torso from right to left.

Idle Animation #2:

The Vacuum Helmet would turn into its radar type and shortly survey the world before turning again to regular.


Fawful would walk ahead at a fast pace as he stored his legs and arms inside his cloak.


Fawful would use the Vacuum Helmet to hover over the ground and cost forward.

Jumping: Fawful would bounce into the air together with his arms and legs prolonged for his first bounce, while his second one would have the Vacuum Helmet raise him greater into the air.
Injury Animation:

Fawful would maintain his palms out and provides a pained expression.


Fawful would simply put his head closer to the ground because the Vacuum Helmet did the same with its nozzle.


The Vacuum Helmet would encase Fawful in a ball using its nozzle, defending him from attacks. The ball would act as Fawful’s defend and get darker and darker as it depleted.

Jab: Jawbreaker

The Vacuum Helmet’s nozzle would show fangs and begin viciously biting in front of Fawful as he laughed to himself. This attack can be a speedy jab with above common vary.

Ahead Tilt: Meatball Bonk

The Vacuum Helmet’s nozzle would flip right into a ball and shoot itself forward. While this assault would do very little injury, it will launch opponents relatively far even at lower injury percentages.

Down Tilt: Gundrop

Fawful would pull out his laser pistol and shoot a beam of power at the ground in entrance of him that may briefly stun opponents, like Zero Go well with Samus’s down smash, however quicker and weaker.

Up Tilt: Snack Basket The Vacuum Helmet would chew immediately above itself a number of occasions utilizing its nozzle’s fangs.
Sprint Assault: Sweet Roll

Fawful, while nonetheless hovering above the ground, would roll right into a ball that may injury opponents earlier than touchdown on the ground. Whereas this attack wouldn’t do a lot injury, it might carry Fawful further than most dash attacks.

Aspect Smash: Gobble Gobble

The Vacuum Helmet’s nozzle would lunge forward with a strong chew using its fangs. Whereas the assault was charging up, the Vacuum Helmet would try and convey nearby opponents nearer to Fawful by vacuuming them in the direction of him.

Up Smash: Fiery Fondue

The Vacuum Helmet’s rockets would come out and face the ground earlier than capturing a stream of fireside instantly upward. Opponents above Fawful can be stuck in the attack earlier than being launched out of it with a last blast of fireside from both rockets.

Down Smash: Gumball Barrier

Fawful would carry his hand into the air, causing four pink power orbs to briefly seem and revolve around him. While the orbs wouldn’t do much injury and Fawful wouldn’t have the ability to transfer until they disappeared, they might shield him from most attacks. As an additional visual detail, the orbs can be darkish purple as an alternative of pink if used with the Dark Fawful costume.

Neutral Air: Twister Potato

Fawful would merely spin around a couple of occasions, barely damaging anyone he got here into contact with.

Down Air: Turkey Flap

Fawful would rapidly flail his arms and legs up and down, retaining him suspended in midair for a short time and hitting foes under him multiple occasions.

Ahead Air: Gumball Blast

The Vacuum Helmet’s nozzle would hearth a pink power orb ahead that might launch opponents upon contact. Like with the down smash, the power orb can be darkish purple as an alternative of pink if used with the Darkish Fawful costume.

Again Air: Baked Burst The Vacuum Helmet’s rockets would come out and blast Fawful forward a brief distance while launching opponents behind him, like R.O.B.’s back air.
Up Air: Triple Decker The Vacuum Helmet’s nozzle would merely chew upward 3 times with its fangs as Fawful laughed to himself.
Seize: Tasty Tether

Fawful’s grab can be a tether and contain the Vacuum Helmet’s nozzle lunging ahead to grab either opponents or the ledge with its fangs.

Pummel: Nibble The Vacuum Helmet’s nozzle would chew down on the opponent in its grasp.
Forward Throw: Lemon Laser Fawful would pull out his laser pistol and shoot the opponent with a burst of power, launching them forward.
Up Throw: Fundamental Course The Vacuum Helmet’s nozzle would throw the opponent upward before rapidly gnawing at them with its fangs.
Down Throw: Dinner and a Present

The Vacuum Helmet’s nozzle would slam the opponent onto the bottom as Fawful jumped on prime of them and commenced skipping in place, hitting the opponent multiple occasions before launching them.

Back Throw: Gumball Spit The Vacuum Helmet’s nozzle would toss the opponent backward before firing a pink (or dark purple if the Dark Fawful costume is being used) power orb at them.
Neutral Special: Laser Pistol Shock

Fawful would pull out his laser pistol and begin charging it up. The assault would have three variations, each based mostly on when the participant pressed the special button in the course of the charge up and telegraphed by the color of the pistol’s tip. The primary variation (telegraphed by the pistol glowing yellow) can be three laser beams fired in succession. Like Fox’s Blaster, the beams wouldn’t make opponents flinch, however they might come out very fast. The second variation (telegraphed by the pistol glowing cyan) can be a sluggish, but far reaching beam of ice. The ice beam can be the strongest zoning device of the three, freezing grounded opponents upon contact and launching airborne ones. Lastly, the third variation (telegraphed by the pistol glowing purple) can be a barrage of power stars that may loop upward before shifting a brief distance forward. Whereas this beam would do probably the most injury and be the toughest one to dodge at a short distance, it will also be the slowest one to return out.

Aspect Special: Portal Purée

Fawful would create a portal in front of himself and shoot a pink (or darkish purple if the Darkish Fawful costume is getting used) power orb into it. One other portal would then seem a certain distance in front of Fawful and shoot the power orb again out. The orb would both be shot towards Fawful if the special button was tapped or away from him if the button was held.

Up Special: Bean Launcher

A miniature hovercraft would seem under Fawful before launching into the air with him in tow. On the peak of its ascent, the hovercraft would explode and put Fawful into free fall. Nevertheless, Fawful would have the ability to bounce off of the hovercraft at any time earlier than the explosion, preventing himself from going into free fall, however making the explosion a lot weaker.

Down Particular: Fawfulized Fleet Supreme

Fawful would deploy one among three enemies seen in Bowser’s Inside Story that may act independently and assist him assault. The first enemy can be a Fawflant that might slowly walk ahead with its drill extended. It might explode after a number of seconds, nevertheless it could possibly be destroyed prematurely by jumping on prime of it. The second enemy can be a Snawful that might throw freezing snowballs forward. Whereas it will only throw three snowballs earlier than melting, it might be attacked and destroyed as nicely. Finally, the third enemy can be a Fawfulcopter that may float above the stage and try and shoot nearby enemies with a laser beam. It might disappear after a number of seconds, nevertheless it may be destroyed with a couple of attacks. Like Duck Hunt’s Wild Gunman, which enemy Fawful deployed every time the assault was used would rely upon a certain order: Fawflant first, Snawful second, and Fawfulcopter third.

Ultimate Smash: Tremendous Peach’s Citadel of Fury

The Vacuum Helmet would start emitting a beacon before lifting Fawful out of sight. Peach’s Fawfulized fort would then seem in the background and begin charging up a beam of power. The player would then be given management of a reticle, permitting them to goal where the fort would hearth its attack. Any opponents with a injury proportion of 60% or greater who have been hit by this assault can be one-hit Display KO’d, whereas these with lower than 60% would merely be launched, like with Bowser’s Giga Bowser Punch.

Up Taunt:

Fawful would snort hysterically as a speech bubble reading “I HAVE CHORTLES!” appeared above his head.

Aspect Taunt:

Fawful would strike numerous poses before falling to the bottom in exhaustion.

Down Taunt:

Fawful would spin in place earlier than waving a hand on the display.

Victory Animation #1:

Rockets would come out of the Vacuum Helmet and begin hovering Fawful into the air as he crossed his arms and grinned on the digital camera.

Victory Animation #2:

Fawful can be seen celebrating atop his hovercraft as the Dark Star floated above him and gave off a darkish aura.

Victory Animation #3:

A highlight would fall on Fawful as he put his palms to his ears, making an unseen crowd cheer for him. Fawful would then excitedly skip in place.

Victory Fanfare: Fawful’s victory fanfare can be the intro to Robust Man Alert!, the boss battle theme from Bowser’s Inside Story:


While Fawful’s removed from probably the most iconic Mario character, his eccentric character and position in a number of the franchise’s most beloved spin-offs has made him a fan favourite character who many want to see in more games. Nevertheless, regardless of his reputation with those who’ve played the games he hails from, Fawful is never brought up as a possible Smash candidate. That being stated, given his resurgence because of Celebrity Saga and Bowser’s Inside Story’s remakes, as well as his huge moveset potential, I feel Fawful would make for one of the thrilling first get together inclusions in a very long time and ought to be thought-about extra typically when discussing potential Mario fighters.